The Power of Crystal Jewellery ♥

Gemstone jewellery has been worn for centuries. Even today, it continues to be both an attractive & convenient way of working with the healing power of crystals. There is nothing easier or more effective than slipping on a gemstone bracelet in the morning, & soaking up the positive, healing energy all throughout your day. The close contact between you & your stone makes this an exceptionally powerful way of working alongside your crystal companions.

Crystal Earrings

The ears represent memory, receptivity & awakening, as well as hold a close connection to the upper energy centres. Because of this, you may seek out gemstone earrings that resonate with communication, intuition as well as the Throat, Crown & Third Eye Chakras.

Crystal Necklaces

Short necklaces can do wonders for the Throat Chakra, whereas longer ones are incredibly helpful for the Heart & the Solar Plexus.

Crystal Anklets

The feet & ankles are associated with balance, security & safety. Gemstones worn the around ankle can also connect powerfully to the Root Chakra.

Crystal Bracelets

Our hands reflect all our Chakra points & allow us to receive, transmit & project energy. Wearing crystal bracelets on different sides of the body impacts us in different ways. In Taoism, Tantrism & Hatha Yoga it is believed that the left side is the receptive or Yin side where we attract, absorb & receive energies, whereas the right side is the giving or Yang hand that releases unwanted energy & sends blessings out to the world.

If you want the best energetic benefit from your bracelets, try to find harmony between your left & right wrists. Experiment with different combinations on both sides until you find a balance that feels right to you. It is recommended to avoid wearing too many crystal bracelets with contradicting meanings & purposes.

  • Left Side (Receiving) Examples

    ♥ Clear Quartz to absorb healing energy.
    ♥ Rose Quartz to attract self-love.
    ♥ Green Aventurine to receive abundance
    ♥ Carnelian for self-confidence.
    ♥ Citrine to bring inner happiness.
    ♥ Blue Lace Agate for more calmness.

  • Right Side (Giving) Examples
    ♥ Rhodonite to radiate love & compassion to others.
    ♥ Black Tourmaline to send away negative energy.
    ♥ Blue Calcite to provide a calming environment.
    ♥ Amethyst to manifest & send out intentions.
    ♥ Tiger Eye to project an aura of confidence to others.
    ♥ Sunstone to send out joy into the world.

Crystal Rings

Your fingers are conduits of subtle energy, with each one representing a connecting element & Chakra. Because of this, it is helpful to learn more about the spiritual association each finger holds in order to discover the best placement for your gemstone rings.

  • Pinky Finger

    Mercury, Air, Heart Chakra

    Changes, curiosity, expression, knowledge, communication, socialising & resourcefulness. Recommended crystals include Amber, Citrine, Moonstone.

  • Ring Finger

    Apollo, Fire, Third Eye Chakra

    Peace, love, connection, emotion, beauty, romance & creativity. Recommended crystals include Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Jade.

  • Middle Finger

    Saturn, Earth, Solar Plexus Chakra

    Clarity, balance, learning, choices, responsibility, discipline & self-reflection. Recommended crystals include Pearl, Onyx & Smoky Quartz.

  • Index Finger

    Jupiter, Water, Throat Chakra

    Self-confidence, power, authority, ambition, concentration, & leadership. Recommended crystals include Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz & Blue Topaz.

  • Thumb

    Venus, Ether, Sacral Chakra

    Assertiveness, determination, strong will, identity, family & friendship. Recommended crystals include Ruby, Garnet, Carnelian.

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