Tangerine Quartz

Also known as: Orange Quartz

live with passion - raises vibration - enhances self-esteem & creativity - inspires compassion & forgiveness - inner child healing - joy - positive healing

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History & Origin:

Tangerine Quartz, also sometimes called Orange Quartz, is a peachy-orange variety of Quartz that gets its colour from inclusions or encrustations of iron oxide. Found mainly in Brazil & Madagascar, this stone is transparent & colourless, but the Hematite coating gives a beautiful sub-transparent to sub-opaque effect. It can be most admired in its natural form, displaying incredible orange-coloured clusters or single points.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone carries a sunny, positive energy that can raise vibrations & lift spirits. It is the perfect stone for bringing happiness & joy after a period of hardship or sadness. Furthermore, Tangerine Quartz has the power to help you connect with the Sacral Chakra, enhancing creativity, balancing sexuality (particularly fears of intimacy or rejection) & boosting confidence, worth & self-esteem. Connected to the playful, youthful energy of children, this crystal can invoke feelings of curiosity, wonder & excitement. It is a powerful healer, particularly when it comes to issues surrounding your inner child. It serves as a reminder to let go of what no longer serves you & embrace only what does.

How to use:

Carry with you to refill depleted energy & replace negativity or moodiness with joy, positivity & zest for life. Keep nearby while you create to bring inspiration, ideas & enthusiasm. Place over your Sacral Chakra to inspire inner child healing & enhance self-worth.