Strawberry Quartz

attracts soul mate - brings loving energy - human connection - gratitude - pure joy - balance - self-improvement - attraction - manifestation - passion - authenticity 

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History & Origin:

Strawberry Quartz is a member of the Quartz family, sometimes referring to a Red Variety of Aventurine or Mica-included Quartz & other times referring to a type of quartz with Hematite, Lepidocrocite, Goethite or Limonite inclusions. It can be found in locations including Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, & South Africa. Note that sometimes this name (alongside other fruit inspired trade names like Cherry or Pineapple Quartz) can refer to artificial, man-made gems - though luckily it is easy to tell the difference between the genuine & fake varieties.

Metaphysical Properties:

This strawberry pink crystal can inspire love, romance & joy into your life. It reminds you to be grateful & thankful for what you have in order to allow new, wonderful opportunities & people to enter your life. Like the bright, summery fruit it is named after, Strawberry Quartz encourages an optimistic & positive attitude, especially in the area of romance. If you are looking for an exciting, new relationship or seeking to add more loving energy to your current partnership or friendships, this crystal is the perfect companion. It can invite like-minded people into your life & encourage you to let go of anyone who is draining your joyful energy or holding you back. This is also a great crystal for manifestation, self-growth, balance & healing the heart.

How to use:

Use alongside gratitude or manifestation journaling to inspire thankfulness & strengthen your intentions. Carry with you to invite passionate, positive & loving energy & people into your life.

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