Snow Agate

Also known as: White Agate

release - clarity - soft energy - balances yin & yang - purity - assists in meditation - harmony - stress-relief - helps you recognise messages from the Universe

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History & Origin:

Snow Agate is a variety of White Plume Agate that displays soft Chalcedony clouds & clear/lavender druzy Quartz pockets.

Metaphysical Properties:

Snow Agate has a gentle, pure energy that can provide great comfort in times of stress & overwhelm, inspiring balance & harmony within. This crystal is known for its incredible ability to bring concentration & remove any burdensome thoughts clouding your mind. It brings clarity to emotions & situations allowing you to uncover the answers & guidance you seek. Furthermore, it strengthens messages from the Universe, angels & spirit guides, & helps you recognise even the smallest signs sent from the ones you love. Snow Agate is a great stone for children or toddlers as it encourages stillness, relaxation & peace. By inspiring a calming environment, this stone can assist in lowering everyday stress, worry & anxiety. It is also the perfect meditation companion - encouraging deep relaxation, focused concentration & a powerful connection to your higher self.

How to use:

Go cloud gazing & hold the stone in your hand in order to find meaning & messages in the sky. Place in your home to inspire stillness, purity & peace. Hold during meditation to bring balance, spiritual clarity & focus.

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