detoxifies & purifies body & mind - shields negative energy - grounding - neutralising - manages uncontrollable emotions - stress-relief - heals shadow self - protection

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History & Origin:

Shungite is a curious Carbon-based stone, named after the village of Shun’ga, Russia, where it was first discovered. It is classified as an amorphous metamorphic mineral that likely formed during the Paleoproterozoic Era, around 2 billion years ago. Shungite is likely metamorphosed remains of oil shale source rocks & bodies of crude oil that were subjected to heat & pressure, transforming them into almost pure carbon. This mineraloid has also been reported to contain trace amounts of fullerenes - allotropic forms of carbon with cage-like hollow structures. It has been used extensively in Russia since the 1700s as a water purifier & disinfectant.

Shungite can be divided into 3 types:

- Regular Shungite which contains around 30-50% carbon & displays a dull, black colour. It is far heavier & often seen polished or tumbled.

- Petrovsky Shungite which contains around 64% carbon & has a dark shiny grey colour. It is also commonly polished, tumbled or left natural.

- Elite Noble Shungite which contains more than 90% carbon, has a silvery metallic surface & is incredibly lightweight. It is almost always sold in its natural shape due to its fragility, & can be identified by its conchoidal fractures. This type is the rarest & often said to be the best for water purification.

Metaphysical Properties:

This fascinating & mysterious mineraloid has the ability to cleanse & purify negative emotions, thoughts & energy - transforming them into white, healing light. It removes damaging or disharmonious energy from your body, mind & environment, as well as brings protection & grounding. Connected to the powers of the ancient Earth, Shungite holds wisdom & knowledge that can assist you on your journey of healing your shadow self. It encourages you to tap into your not-so-pleasant behaviours, patterns & thoughts in order to heal & overcome them. Because of this, Shungite can soothe stress, release old emotional pain, & calm uncontrollable outbursts. Many also believe this all-powerful stone can reduce inflammation, relieve oxidative stress, purify water & protect against EMF exposure. 

How to use:

Carry with you to bring protection & keep you shielded against the “heavy” energy you may pick up on throughout the day. Place a stone in or near your bath to enhance purifying powers.

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