Shiva Lingam

balance - rebirth - creation & dissolution - duality - vitality - divine connection & oneness - strengthens bonds - unity - fertility, pregnancy & sexuality - sacred union - Kundalini

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History & Origin:

The Shiva Lingam is a holy stone in Hindu culture, collected at the banks of the Narmada river in Western India once a year (particularly in dry season on the full moon in February or Sivaratri.) Formed at this sacred site, these crypto-crystalline Quartz stones are naturally tumbled & pre-shaped by the river - further hand-polished to fix any imperfections. They can range in size from tiny to as long as 10 feet! Many speculate Lingam stones were formed originally from a meteorite crash, around 14 million years ago. The body of the stone represents male energy & the red spots (likely iron oxide or other mineral deposits) represent female energy. No two stones are exactly alike, making it a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your collection.

Metaphysical Properties:

Shiva Lingam's are associated with one of the three main Hindu deities, Lord Shiva - he who creates, protects & destroys the universe - & said to represent the duality of both female & male energy. This brings the stone an incredibly balancing & harmonious vibration - inspiring perfect realignment of all Chakras & energy within. Connected to the Cosmic Egg, Shiva Lingam invites an expansion of consciousness, rebirth & recognition of the dual nature of the Universe. It encourages transformation & enhances our desire to create & bring good into the world. Because of this, it is a powerful stone for fertility & can activate Kundalini energies, sexuality & holy connection. As a stone of connection & non-judgement, it can fortify friendships, relationships & overall oneness with humanity & nature. It serves as a beautiful reminder that we are never truly alone & always supported by the divine. 

How to use:

Many recommend placing your stone under running water or in a river to wash away stress or negativity carried by you or accumulated by the stone. To support fertility, place in the bedroom to inspire creation & vitality. Carry with you to invite balance, oneness & transformation. Use during meditation to connect with higher consciousness & the Divine power. The more you work with this stone the more powerful it will become!