calming - peaceful - dispels nightmares - healing - eases anxiety - promotes spiritual communication - enhances intuition

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History & Origin:

Scolecite is a Zeolite mineral that typically grows in flat, needle-like or fibrous formations. Sometimes found alongside Stilbite or Apophyllite, it is most commonly mined in the Nasik region of India, often in Basalt quarries. This mineral was first discovered in the 19th century where it was named after the Greek word “skolec,” meaning worm, due to its worm-like reaction to a blowpipe flame test.

Metaphysical Properties:

Scolecite is a unique & rare crystal with a soft yet high vibration. It awakens the heart & helps you to connect with your inner spirit & intuition. It has a very gentle & soothing energy that calms the mind, eases negative self-talk & reduces stress. This is the perfect crystal for those who struggle to relax during meditation. The calming energy of Scolecite can also aid those who have anxiety & insomnia. It is a powerful companion to keep nearby whilst sleeping as it can bring vivid dreams, ease restlessness & soothe overthinking. Scolecite can encourage Divine intervention & activate dormant parts of your inner self. A highly spiritual crystal, it can inspire awareness, wisdom, future vision & connection to the spirit world.

How to use:

Place under your pillow or on a bedside table at night for pleasant dreams & a good sleep. Hold one while meditating to ease tension & promote relaxation. Carry one with you when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

! This stone should avoid contact with water.

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