inspires self-confidence - justice - strength - willpower - protection - helps overcome fears - inspires motivation & action - courage - absorbs negative energy

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History & Origin:

Sardoynx is a powerful mix of Onyx & Carnelian/Sard, that displays bands of browns, reds, blacks & oranges. This cryptocrystalline quartz gets its name from the Greek 'sard' meaning “red-brown,” & 'onyx' meaning “veined gem.” Sardoynx has long been a talisman of protection & luck. It was worn by Roman soldiers to bring bravery in battle, engraved with the figures of mighty heroes such as Hercules or the God of War. A common gemstone, it can be found in a variety of locations across the world such as India, Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uruguay & the US.

Metaphysical Properties:

Connected to the element of fire & Mars, the Roman God of War, this stone brings strength, courage, determination & motivation. It is perfect for anxious or timid individuals looking to enhance bravery & self-esteem. Sardoynx moves you towards your goals & dreams with fearlessness & action. It brings self-control & concentration, removes feelings of sadness & uncertainty, & helps you make difficult decisions with confidence. This stone has also been known since Ancient Times to act as a talisman against evil & negativity, providing you with the luck and protection you need on all your endeavours. 

How to use:

Hold in your hand to bring strength, power, confidence & protection. Keep in your workspace to bring concentration, determination & action. Carry with you when seeking bravery, decision-making & courage.

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