Rutilated Quartz

Also known as: Hair of Aphrodite

illuminating - cleansing - aligns all chakras - amplifies & magnifies energy - powerful manifestation tool - divine light & inspiration - spiritual & angelic connection

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History & Origin:

Rutilated or Rutile Quartz is a type of Quartz that contains needle-like inclusions of Rutile, which can appear golden or sometimes even silver, red or black, & often resembles the glistening hair of Angels. Rutile is an oxide mineral composed of titanium dioxide & can appear in Quartz as thin or thick, sparse or dense, or parallel or crisscrossed like a star. While the exact date of discovery is unknown, Rutilated Quartz was officially recognised in 1803 & it was not until 1940 when the first major deposit was found in the Serra de Mangabeira mountain range of Brazil. This stone has a strong connection to the Goddesses Freyja, Venus & Aphrodite, often being referred to as 'The Hair of Aphrodite.'

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone has an electrifying, heavenly & powerful vibration. It buzzes with the divine energy of the Universe, making it one of the most significant crystals for manifestation. Rutilated Quartz is the go to stone for sending out intentions. It can make dreams a reality & help you quickly resolve blockages holding you back. This stone shows you your potential & purpose, & kick-starts your spiritual journey towards your best self. It can illuminate the soul, protect against negativity & connect you to higher realms. It has the unique ability to cleanse & recharge all Chakras & your aura, as well as amplify surrounding stones. This stone can bring light into your life & invite divine inspiration, creativity & willpower.

How to use:

Use alongside manifestation or law-of-attraction journaling, or place near a vision board, to bring your intentions to life. Carry with you on your spiritual journey to strengthen connection & wisdom. Use during meditation to encourage intuitive abilities, cleanse energy & receive divine inspiration.