Ruby Fuchsite

unity - selflessness - unconditional love - self healing - loving self image - let go of painful memories - supports relationships - Earth energy

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History & Origin:

Ruby Fuchsite is a striking combination of bright green, chromium-rich Muscovite & deep red-pink Corundum. Interestingly, some Ruby Fuchsite stones also display a beautiful thin ring of Blue Kyanite around the speckles of red Ruby. Only discovered fairly recently in 2002, it can be found mainly in Southern India as well as Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, & the Alps. It is commonly confused with Ruby Zoisite, but can be told apart from its smoother, less grainy texture & often lighter green colour.

Metaphysical Properties:

The powerful combination of both Ruby & Fucshite gifts it with the ability to awaken the heart & inspire unconditional love - for not just those around you, but also for yourself. This stone is perfect for anyone struggling with self-image or unable to recognise the beauty they hold on the inside & outside. Its loving, vibrant energy can inspire self-love, boost self-worth & support inner healing. It can encourage you to accept your flaws & love yourselves for who you are. With its deep connection to the Earth, Ruby Fuchsite can bring unity & togetherness with nature & humanity. It inspires connection, selflessness & growth. This stone invites you to learn from the lessons of the past, but not stay stuck in them. It supports you in letting go of painful memories holding you back, especially those that are impacting your relationships. With Ruby Fuchsite, get ready to discover all the love that surrounds & lives within you.

How to use:

Carry with you to bring unconditional love, acceptance & togetherness. Place by a mirror to boost self-image, self-worth & self-love. Keep nearby to encourage the release of unnecessary emotional or physical baggage from the past (aka. objects that carry painful memories.)

! This stone should avoid prolonged contact with water.