opulence - protection - love - passion - aligns & brings energy to the body & spirit - devotion - vitality - connection to the Sun - leadership - motivation - help you see your value

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History & Origin:

Ruby is a variety of Corundum that forms in the hexagonal crystal system. It is closely related to Sapphire, which is the blue (& sometimes even black, orange, yellow, green or purple) variety of Corundum. Mentioned as far back as biblical times, its famous, deep-red colour has long been associated as a sign of power & nobility throughout cultures across the globe. The pinkish to scarlet-coloured Ruby owes its vibrancy to Chromium or Titanium Oxide inclusions. Named after the Latin word meaning “red", Ruby can be found in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, & Vietnam.

Metaphysical Properties:

Ruby holds a strong connection to the Sun, inspiring energy, positivity & a zest for life. A symbol of love & devotion, this gem strengthens relationships & inspires faithfulness, longevity & loyalty. It holds a unique & rare energy that many describe as igniting an inner fire within. Sometimes called the ‘inextinguishable flame,’ Ruby encourages you to live vibrantly & intensifies passion & positive emotions. Its protective qualities are said to help watch over your home, possessions & family, making it a powerful guard against theft or misfortune. For the sensitive of heart, Ruby brings a strength, confidence & fire that burns away old hurts & teaches you to love again. It is also believed to bring support with issues regarding sexuality, fertility, or reproductive difficulties. If you have been looking for a gem to bring warmth & light to the cold & darkness, Ruby is the gem you’ve been searching for.

How to use:

Since Ruby is the birthstone for July babies, it makes the perfect present for a friend or lover born during this month, or even as a gift for Valentine’s Day. Leave the crystal in your home or next to your belongings to bring protection & fortune. Hold in your hand to inspire energy, passion & love.

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