Rose Calcite

willingness to experience love - discover your true self - emotional boundaries - self-acceptance - gentle change - blessings - restores relationships - eases inner criticism

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History & Origin:

Rose Calcite is a soft red-pink variety of the calcium carbonate mineral Calcite. It is most commonly found in locations such as Mexico, Peru, Morocco, Pakistan, & the United States.

Metaphysical Properties:

Swirling with peaceful, loving energy, this crystal can bring harmony & heal the relationships you have with others & yourself. Rose Calcite uncovers your truest self, making it perfect for teenagers or anyone struggling to discover who they are or want to be. It brings the strength & motivation to move into a place of positivity & love, & out of negativity & unkindness. It can soothe inner criticism & ease negative beliefs directed towards oneself. If you have been struggling to let love into your heart, this stone can break down the walls & allow self-acceptance, openness & love back into your life. Rose Calcite is a great stone for those who are afraid of change, as it can encourage smooth & gentle transition. It inspires love for all whilst also encouraging you to uphold boundaries & take care of your emotional self. Rose Calcite serves as a beautiful reminder that you deserve love & acceptance always.

How to use:

Carry with you to inspire love, harmony & self-discovery. Hold in your hand to ease inner criticism & release negative beliefs. Gift to your loved ones (or yourself) to invite healing & balance.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight & contact with water.