grace - inner growth - removes anxiety - promotes forgiveness & emotional healing - love - helps discover hidden talents - compassion - comforting

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History & Origin:

Rhodonite is a manganese silicate that is known for its distinctive pink to red hue & bands of black manganese oxide veins. This gem is primarily found in metamorphic rocks alongside other manganese-rich minerals. It was first discovered in 1790 in the Ural Mountains near Sidelnikovo in Russia. Rhodonite continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Russian culture. In the 18th century, parents would place this pink stone in the cribs of their sleeping children in the hopes of bringing them courage, as well as gift them to newlyweds to bring love & protection. This stone gets its name from the Greek word “rhodon,” meaning “rose,” reflecting its rose-pink colour. Rhodonite can be found in locations including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Sweden, Russia & the United States (where it is the declared state gem of Massachusetts.)

Metaphysical Properties:

Rhodonite is a healing stone of compassion, love & forgiveness. It clears & removes emotional wounds from the Heart Chakra & replaces it with unconditional love & nurturing. Know as a “First Aid Stone,” this crystal releases fear, shock & panic, helping you to feel calm & hopeful during challenging times. Not only does Rhodonite attract & grow love within, it also mends heartache & encourages acceptance. It inspires self-worth, self-discovery & connects your heart & mind together. This stone can draw towards you open-hearted, authentic & healthy relationships. Its beautiful, comforting vibration can release fears of abandonment & encourage compromise where needed. There is no better stone to remind you to love yourself first. Fall in love with who you are, honour your needs, & practice self-care physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

How to use:

Hold one in your hand to dispel anger, anxiety & emotional pain. Place over your heart to bring healing & encourage love. Ask the stone to guide you through challenges and heartache. Put under your pillow to heal fear & sadness as you sleep. Gift to another to inspire friendship, love & affection.

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