Also known as: Inca Rose Stone

self-compassion - love - friendship - harmony - healing - attracts romance - mends childhood & past life wounds - soothes heartbreak - connects you to your inner child

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History & Origin:

Rhodochrosite is a highly-valued manganese carbonate mineral with a beautiful rose-pink colour. Also known as the ‘Inca Rose Stone,’ this crystal held great importance to the Incas of Columbia, as they believed it contained the blood of their former Kings & Queens.

Metaphysical Properties:

With its distinct banding & unique appearance, this stone inspires affection, compassion & empathy. Rhodochrosite is the perfect crystal for inviting self-love into your life. It encourages you to reclaim the parts of yourself that you may have lost along the way, through painful experiences, childhood difficulties or heartbreak. Whatever occurred in the past that has made you feel unworthy, untalented or unloved, this stone invites you to revisit them in order to heal, accept & forgive. It gently fills your heart with unconditional love, both for yourself & others. This stone inspires harmony & balance in relationships & friendships, & encourages new love to grow. It helps you reconnect with your inner child, & get back in touch with the playful, creative & free part of your soul.

How to use:

Place over the heart to bring emotional healing & inspire self-love. Carry with you to attract romance, compassion & harmony into your day. Place in your home to bring creativity, passion & joy.

! Because of its softness, this stone should avoid prolonged contact with water.