Red Jasper

strength - endurance - grounding - releases guilt - connects you to nature - energy - power - determination - passion - protective

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History & Origin:

Red Jasper is a variety of Jasper & a member of the Chalcedony mineral class. It is coloured by iron inclusions & found in a bright red colour, as well as a more dark maroon shade. Red Jasper is a powerful protection stone revered by ancient peoples & civilisations for centuries. Often called “the Rain Bringer,” Red Jasper brought courage to Viking warriors, good health & transformation to the Native Americans & safe passage into the afterlife to the Ancient Egyptians. 

Metaphysical Properties:

This wonderful stone brings strength, passion, energy & focus. It helps to ease illness, pain or disease, especially problems with blood, & can increase fertility. Red Jasper activates the Root Chakra encouraging you to ground yourself & connect with nature. It is a great stone to have with you when going through a re-birthing process or a major life change. Its grounding & highly protective energy helps to calm emotions & inspires positivity & relaxation. 

How to use:

Keep one in your car or home to prevent misfortune. Hold one first thing in the morning to vividly remember dreams. Carry one with you when you need grounding, protection, courage & strength.

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