Rainforest Rhyolite

Also known as: Australian Rainforest Jasper

increases self-esteem - hope - helps recognise inner potential - removes doubt & insecurity - creativity - joy - growth - connection to nature - wisdom - self-love

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History & Origin:

Rainforest Rhyolite, also called Rainforest Jasper, is a type of volcanic rock rich in silica found in Queensland, Australia. It is formed when gas bubbles are trapped in the lava flow during solidification. These pockets are filled, or partially filled, by flows of siliceous material, which may be Agate, Jasper, Quartz or other minerals. Rainforest Rhyolite can be found in varying patterns & shades of greens, browns, reds & creams. It was first mined commercially in the late 1960’s at Mt Hay, Central Queensland, & is believed be around 120 millions years old.

Metaphysical Properties:

With its striking earthy colours & patterns, this crystal brings inspiration, enhances creativity & removes procrastination. It holds a hopeful & uplifting vibration, helping you progress calmly through the challenges & changes in life. It brings self-love, acceptance & self confidence, helping you to see all the amazing qualities you hold within & the potential you have. It shows you your talents & removes any doubt, emotional pain or insecurity that is stopping you from reaching your dreams. Connected to the Greek mythological Goddess of the Earth, Gaia, this stone can aid communication with animals & Nature Spirits, as well as strengthen your link to Mother Nature.

How to use:

Hold Rainforest Rhyolite to inspire change, growth, healing, creativity, acceptance & self-love. Meditate with one to connect to nature & animals, & to help you recognise your inner beauty & potential. Keep near to bring a calming yet uplifting energy into your space.