Rainbow Obsidian

protective - supportive - heals a broken heart - illuminating - grounding - removes negativity - releases spiritual & emotional blockages - support & solutions

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History & Origin:

Rainbow Obsidian is a beautiful, earthy stone that displays a rainbow shine when illuminated. Its colours range from purples, pinks & greens, often forming incredible bands or eye-like patterns. This stone is formed by captured Magnetite nanoparticles within the layers of molten lava. These layers cooled at different times, giving this stone its amazing layered pattern. The most notable mining location for Rainbow Obsidian is the La Revoltosa Mine in Mexico, though it can be found in other localities around America.

Metaphysical Properties:

This gentle yet powerful crystal has strong protective qualities & is known for dispelling negative energy & replacing it with positivity. It heals the Heart Chakra & brings clarity to past & current situations, allowing you to let go, heal & move forward. This stone is here for you when you need it most, gifting you with hope, love & advice during challenging times. This is especially beneficial for those who are struggling through a break up or loss, or anyone who is needing a little bit more grounding energy in their life. 

How to use:

Place the stone over your heart to heal emotional wounds. Carry one with you to keep you optimistic, grounded & protected throughout the day. Pair with stones such as Rose Quartz or Rhodonite to inspire letting go, release baggage & bring guidance.