Rainbow Moonstone

Also known as: White Labradorite

goddess connection - emotional healing - clarity - spiritual growth - new beginnings - enhances intuition - dream magic - invites acceptance - helps tune into lunar energy

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History & Origin:

Rainbow Moonstone is a plagioclase feldspar, displaying a beautiful & vibrant rainbow flash known as labradoresence. Contrary to its name, Rainbow Moonstone is not in fact a Moonstone but better described as a white variety of Labradorite. It can be found in a range of locations including India & Madagascar.

Metaphysical Properties:

Like 'true' Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone holds a strong connection to the Moon, & is perfect for sending out your intentions & for use during Moon rituals. It is tied to the Feminine Divine & Goddess energies, & can help connect us to our intuition, emotions & inner sensitivity. This stone is a great sleep aid, bringing a restful sleep as well as insightful & pleasant dreams. A highly transformative stone, Rainbow Moonstone can open doors to new opportunities & invite in new beginnings. It brings growth, learning & acceptance, encouraging you to move forward without fear or hesitation & releasing anything holding you back from following your dreams. Just as the moon illuminates the dark night, this stone can bring wonder, hope & magic in difficult times. If you are ready for a new adventure, this crystal is your perfect companion, protecting you each step of the way. 

How to use:

Carry with you to invite serendipity, intuition & inspiration into your day. Place on a bedside table to bring a restful sleep & ease nightmares. Under a New Moon, hold the stone in your hand as you send out your intentions to bring them to life.

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