Also known as: The Stone of Freedom

liberation & freedom - cleanses environments/homes from lingering negativity - adapt to change - soothes nerves - uncovers truth & deception - speaking out - divine alignment

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History & Origin:

Purpurite is manganese phosphate mineral that displays a deep red to rich purple colour. This rare mineral occurs as an oxidation mineral on the surface of a closely related mineral called Triphylite. It was first discovered in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, USA by Louis Caryl Graton & Waldemar T. Schaller. The name Purpurite comes from Latin word for purple “purpura”, given due to its distinctive hue. While most specimens come out of Usakos, Namibia, it can also be found in France, Western Australia, Portugal & the USA.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone carries an interesting property that brings a clearing energy to spaces & environments where conflict has taken place. Because of this, it can cleanse areas or homes that carry the pain of the past. This makes it especially helpful for anyone searching for a new property, struggling to find peace where they live, or even for those working in real estate. If you have been sensing a strange energy in your space, Purpurite can help banish any residual negativity lingering. Known as the Freedom stone, this crystal allows you to break free from any limitations, habits, patterns or chains holding you back. It encourages you to speak your truth, try something new, escape monotony or routine, & embrace the unknown. If you have been feeling anxious or panicked about what lies ahead, Purpurite can gift you with the courage to leave behind what is familiar & comfortable in order to truly experience life. This stone can bring truth & illumination to hidden matters, as well as reveals the deceptions of others. A highly spiritual stone, Purpurite can bring evolution, spiritual cleansing & awaken the higher Chakras, including the Soul Star. 

How to use:

Purpurite can support those who speak in public find their truth & courage. Use during meditation to connect to the divine & bring guidance & cleansing. Place in your home to clear your space of lingering negativity. Keep nearby to inspire liberation & change.

! This mineral can stain clothes or porous materials.

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