Purple Chalcedony

Also known as: The Cosmic Stone

cosmic connection - self-discovery - inner vision - guidance from above - gentleness - composure - awakening intuition - dream work - releases defensiveness

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History & Origin:

Purple Chalcedony, is a unique lilac to deep violet mineral that is mainly found in West Java, Indonesia. It is popularly known in its botryoidal form as Grape Agate.

Metaphysical Properties:

This royal stone carries a close connection to the cosmos, Universe & stars above. Its galaxy like colours help align the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, as well as the Soul Star Chakra. Because of its connection to the vast galaxy, this stone makes a great companion for astronomers, astrologers or anyone interested in space-related topics. It helps you connect to the stars above as well as the infinite wisdom of the Universe. Bringing guidance & purpose, this special gem can remind you of the deep connection that you share with the solar system & all those who inhabit it. Purple Chalcedony is a stone of intuition, dream exploration, spiritual discovery & community. It has the incredible ability to invite similar-minded people into your life to help support you on your journey of learning & growth. Surrounding yourself with kind & gentle souls can inspire self-discovery, security & assurance.

How to use:

Place over your Third-Eye or Crown to bring inner vision, heighten spiritual awareness & strengthen intuition. Keep nearby to inspire companionship & soul connection. Display on a bedside table to bring inspiration & clarity through dreams.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight.

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