serenity - self-care - dreams - inner knowledge - prophecy - connects heart & will - helps you support others without taking on their pain & negativity - protective - calms busy minds & environments

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History & Origin:

Prehnite is a calcium aluminium silicate mineral that was first discovered in 1788. This beautiful peppermint coloured stone is often found in combination with the deep green mineral, Epidote. The addition of Epidote in Prehnite enhances this stones’ already powerful energy. While it most commonly displays a soft lime to yellow-green hue, rare varieties can also be found in orange. Its history traces back many years. In South African communities, Prehnite was believed to aid in decision-making, & the Indigenous Australians thought that the stone held the energy of the sun - allowing them to keep warm at night & scare away nocturnal creatures.

Metaphysical Properties:

A crystal of dreams, vision & prophecy, Prehnite has long held spiritual significance & a strong connection to both the physical & higher realms. It can bring precognition, spiritual knowledge, clarity & understanding. Prehnite can inspire unconditional love for oneself & others, as well as serenity & peace. It is especially helpful for cooling down hyperactive or overwhelming emotions, as well as bringing order to disorganised spaces. If you have trouble with letting go of material possessions, or holding on too tightly to things no longer necessary, this crystal can gently encourage you to let go. It brings a feeling of trust & faith in the Universe. This stone can ‘heal the healer’ making it a great companion for anyone who works in a healing profession. If you have trouble with taking on the emotions of others, this crystal is perfect for protecting your energy & reminding you of your boundaries as an empathetic being. 

How to use:

Place under pillow or on a bedside table to bring a restful sleep & prophetic dreams. Carry with you to be reminded to trust in the Universe & let go of what’s no longer need. Use as an energetic shield to protect your energy whilst helping others in need.