Also known as: Green ‘Amethyst’

peace of mind - healing - a new chapter - self-love - compassion towards oneself - connects the spiritual & physical realms - expression - connection to mother nature

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History & Origin:

Prasiolite, or Green ‘Amethyst,’ is a variety of green Quartz that is mainly found in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Although this gem can be formed naturally, it is commonly replicated by heating or irradiating regular Amethyst. Natural Prasiolite displays a soft, sage green hue, whereas treated Prasiolite showcases a deeper, vibrant green colour. It gets its name from the Greek word ‘πράσον’ (prason) meaning "leek" & ‘λίθος (lithos)’ meaning "stone."

Metaphysical Properties:

Prasiolite inspires peace & kindness. This stone brings healing & self-love, encouraging you to get in-touch with your compassionate self in order to soothe self-criticism, ease negative thoughts & let go of destructive habits. It assists in releasing deep-rooted pain & awakens the heart to inner acceptance & self-forgiveness. Because of this, it is the perfect stone to hold when embarking on a journey of self-reflection, or during therapy, inner child work or healing. Prasiolite connects to both the deep earth below & the divine skies above. It allows you to find balance between the physical & spiritual planes, as well as helps you get in-touch with the healing beauty of nature. This stone holds the essence of spring, carrying within the energy of renewal, growth & fresh starts.

How to use:

Carry with you on a walk in nature to find connection, peace & inner healing. Place over your chest to release any resentment or pain weighing heavy on your heart.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight.

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