Polychrome Jasper

Also known as: Desert Jasper

contentment - gentle wisdom - adventure - balance - ancient Earth energy - self-belief - comfort & security - releases fear of change - potential - passion

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History & Origin:

Polychrome or Desert Jasper is a variety of Madagascan Jasper that displays an array of soft swirling colours, likely caused by iron inclusions. Discovered fairly recently in 2008, it was uncovered close-by to the famous Ocean Jasper mines. These stones are often hand-mined due to the difficult conditions & environment where they form.

Metaphysical Properties:

This earthy stone carries a grounding & supportive energy. Like a warm blanket, Polychrome Jasper envelops you with comfort, security & gentleness. This stone helps you to find gratitude, appreciation  & happiness within the present moment. By doing so, Polychrome Jasper can assist in inviting more good into your life. It encourages you to move through fears & hesitations, showing you your true potential & encouraging you to take the next step towards your destiny. Self-belief, hope & passion is sparked when Polychrome Jasper is by your side. It inspires adventure & experience, inviting you to take risks, travel & take in all that the world has to offer. Carrying the energy of the Earth, this crystal allows you to discover the beauty & wisdom each moment carries. While it encourages you to dream big & reach for the stars, Polychrome Jasper will always be there to remind you of the small & simple things that life has to offer. 

How to use:

Carry with you on your adventures to release fears, encourage risk taking, & connect you to the Earth. Place in your home to inspire passion, self-belief & appreciation. Keep nearby when on the forefront of a major change to bring comfort & security, as well as ease any worries about the path ahead.