Pink Tourmaline

universal love - emotional healing - releases trust issues - forgiveness - self-care - eases panic & anxiety - attracts new love - calms mood swings

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History & Origin:

Pink Tourmaline is a variety of Elbaite (a member of the Tourmaline family), ranging in colour from a soft, pale pink to a vibrant, hot fuchsia, as well as a ruby-red variety known more specifically as Rubellite (Red Tourmaline.) Often found in combination with Quartz or Mica, this gem can be found in granite/granite pegmatites & in metamorphic rocks such as schist & marble. The pink colour of Tourmalines from many localities is the result of prolonged natural irradiation &/or traces of Lithium. Tourmaline is a pyroelectric mineral, meaning that when warmed, it will generate a temporary voltage that can attract dust or other lightweight particles. This semi-precious gem can also display pleochroism & can be found in places such as Brazil, Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, USA & Myanmar.

Metaphysical Properties:

Pink Tourmaline resonates deeply with the Heart Chakra. It helps us recognise the unconditional love we are constantly surrounded by, not only from our partners, friends & families, but also from the Universe itself. Pink Tourmaline removes blockages in relationships. It can inspire trust, balance, romance, vulnerability & openness, as well as encourage healing & forgiveness surrounding past hurts. It brings a more appreciative, compassionate & kind view of oneself, inspiring self-love & self-acceptance. Once we find love within ourselves, this crystal will open the doors to new romance & friendship. If you have had a bad experience surrounding losing someone you cared for, this stone brings a willingness to open your heart once again & believe in true love. This is also the perfect crystal for easing stress, anxiety & unstable moods, as it replaces them with a feeling of calmness, stability & nurturing. 

How to use:

Pair with Rose Quartz &/or Kunzite for a powerful combination of loving & healing energy. Hold over heart to bring acceptance, forgiveness & relaxation. Give as a gift of affection & devotion to someone you care for.