Pink Lace Agate

happiness - love - brings positive thoughts - hope - inner strength - promotes fun - self-confidence - passion - self-expression

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History & Origin:

Pink Lace Agate is a variety of banded Agate that can be found in shades of soft pinks, whites, oranges & reds. This stone displays swirls, waves, & sometimes even pockets of pink or red druzy Quartz. Commonly found in Indonesia, it shares many physical & spiritual similarities to the well-loved Crazy Lace Agate from Northern Mexico.

Metaphysical Properties:

Pink Lace Agate is a stone full of love, joy & positivity, admired for its amazing swirling patterns, & druzy crystal caves. With such a bright & warm energy, this stone can enhance optimism, liveliness & fun. It helps to replace heartache with happiness & can bring light back into your life, inspiring a feeling of hope. This stone can help you to live in the moment & take control of your life. It can alter your perspective & remove fears & judgements, encouraging self acceptance & self-love. This crystal invites you to make positive changes & take action towards a life full of joy & happiness. 

How to use:

Hold this stone in your hand in order to bring hope, optimism & warmth. Place nearby to inspire happiness, fun, excitement & positivity. Keep in your home to bring sunshine & love into your space.

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