Pink Banded Calcite

Also known as: Pink Onyx

helps with decision making regarding relationships - love - healing - attraction - emotional growth - aids in healing past wounds & grief - forgiveness - self-care - understanding - removes hostility & anger

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History & Origin:

Pink Banded Calcite, sometimes called Pink Onyx, is a striped variety of the layered calcium carbonate mineral Calcite, that displays an array of colours - from soft pinks to gentle pistachio greens. Whilst Calcite is an abundant mineral found in many environments, this pink layered variety is most commonly found in Pakistan.

Metaphysical Properties:

Closely connected to the heart, this is a stone of self-compassion, divine love, gentleness & pure joy. It can support you on your journey towards healing, helping you recognise & resolve any lingering resentments. Pink Banded Calcite can release emotional wounds, deep seated fears & painful experiences from the past. This stone allows you to move forwards & let go of doubt, fear & anger holding you back. Pink Banded Calcite can bring great comfort to anyone experiencing heartbreak or grief, bringing you closer to healing & forgiveness. This stone brings self-acceptance & can help you see yourself in a more positive, loving light. Its soothing energy can bring growth & understanding in your current relationships or invite new love into your life. It is the perfect stone to use for nurturing & support after the loss of a loved one, for inner child healing or for working through trauma, & is often used by Reiki practitioners because of its gentle healing abilities. 

How to use:

Place in your home to bring loving energy into your space. Hold over your heart to inspire self-love, forgiveness & healing. Keep near to bring support with decision making & invite love into your life.

! This stone may fade if left in direct sunlight & should avoid contact with water.