Pink Aragonite

self-worth - unconditional love - patience - serenity - strengthens relationships - soul connection - peace - heart healing - tapping into emotional self - wholeness - understanding - truth

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History & Origin:

Pink Aragonite is an uncommon, bubble-gum pink variety of Aragonite, owing its colour to the presence of cobalt. Recently, beautiful natural Pink Aragonite specimens have emerged out of Argentina, China & Pakistan. There is minimal information about the origin of this mineral, likely because of its newness. Note that, oftentimes, white aragonite is dyed pastel pink & sold under this same name.

Metaphysical Properties:

This bright magenta stone holds a vibrant, loving energy that inspires self-worth, acceptance & inner understanding. Pink Aragonite allows you to tap into the Universal love that surround us all, & encourages you to find love & assurance within yourself before searching for it in another. It encourages patience & composure, & reminds you that good things take time. Furthermore, this stone inspires you to overcome hardships from the past, especially experiences that have made you feel unconfident or unworthy. Pink Aragonite heals & opens the heart in order to show you all the wonderful qualities you hold. By finding this love inside, Pink Aragonite will invite people into your life that share with you a deep, soul connection, as well as release any harmful or unhealthy ties holding you back. It fills relationships & friendships with wholeness, honesty, loyalty & unconditional love.

How to use:

Place over your heart to inspire self- acceptance & self-love. Carry with you to draw honest, kind & healthy relationships into your life. Keep in your home to encourage loving, peaceful energy into your space.

! Due to its softness, this stone should avoid contact with water.