Pink 'Amethyst'

deep love - romantic closure - compassion - forgiveness - self-care - wisdom - releases judgement - grace - emotional balance - soul connection

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History & Origin:

Pink ‘Amethyst’ is a rare yet beautiful variety of lilac-pink Quartz, discovered only recently in Patagonia, Argentina. It can also be found in locations such as Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, & the United States. There is some debate regarding what makes Pink ‘Amethyst’ distinctive in comparison to Rose Quartz & Amethyst but, despite this confusion, its unique appearance has made it a highly-sought after crystal. Its soft pink-hue is likely the result of Hematite inclusions within the Quartz.

Metaphysical Properties:

Pink Amethyst radiates a loving & compassionate energy, inviting you to release any judgement directed towards others or yourself. It encourages a kind, wise & forgiving attitude, helping you to see life from a different point of view & raising self-esteem & confidence. Pink Amethyst allows you to connect to your inner spirit in order to recognise the loving light you hold within.  If you feel called towards making a positive difference in the world, whether through a healing profession or humanitarian pursuits, this crystal can support you in your effort to support others, whilst also reminding you of the importance of self-care & self-love. A stone of friendship & romantic companionship, this crystal can invite new, positive & spiritually fulfilling relationships into your life. It can bring closure to previous relationships & mend emotional wounds from the past, helping you to move forwards with lessons learnt & a hopeful heart full of love. 

How to use:

Place over heart to heal heartache & ease emotional pain. Hold in your hand to remind you of all the beauty surrounding you. Carry with you to feel comforted, connected & loved.

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