Picture Jasper

Also known as: Landscape Jasper

earth magic - dream work - harmony - connection to nature - creativity & visualisation - imagination - helps with processing early memories & blockages - brings direction to those who are lost

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History & Origin:

Picture or Landscape Jasper is a stunning sandy brown microcrystalline Quartz. This stone features distinct markings or dendrites that resemble beautiful landscapes, mountains or trees.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone captures the hearts of all with its desert landscape pattern - painted with mountains & valleys by Mother Earth herself. Because of this, Picture Jasper carries a strong connection to the beauty & magic of nature. It brings harmony & union between the Earth & yourself, allowing you to feel supported, protected & embraced by all that surrounds you. A stone of reflection & history, it can help you get in touch with early influences that are affecting you still today. It shines the light on these memories or blockages to help you move forward on your journey. If you are feeling stuck or lost in life, it can act as the compass you need to find your way. Picture Jasper is a powerful stone for meditation, dreams & visions. In fact, this gem is said to represent the Rainbow Bridge - connecting Heaven & Earth & aiding in peaceful, happy dreams. Its magical patterns can bring visualisation & creativity - allowing you to find inspiration & purpose within its dots & lines.

How to use:

Stare into the stone to discover hidden messages & answers from the Universe. Carry with you to feel connected & inspired by nature. Keep nearby to bring direction, ignite creativity & release long-held fears, doubts or blockages. Place under your pillow to bring positive, insightful dreams.