Also known as: Precious Olivine

friendship - releases self-defeating or envious thoughts - harmony - happiness - good health - eases comparison - brings wealth - soothes the heart - gentle release - self-worth

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History & Origin:

Peridot, once known as Chrysolite, is a magnesium iron silicate that belongs to the Olivine group of minerals. This vibrant lime to lemon green stone forms deep in the Earth’s mantle & is brought to the surface by volcanic activity. Some notable locations where it is commonly found include Egypt, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia & Hawaii, USA. Furthermore, this mineral has even been identified within meteorites from outer space! Peridot is named after the French word peritot, meaning gold, & holds a long history - as far back as 1500 BC. It is the birthstone of August & given to celebrate the 16th year of marriage. Additionally, Peridot is the National gem of Egypt & was once known by the Ancient Egyptians as "the gem of the sun."

Metaphysical Properties:

As a stone of love & friendship, Peridot can strengthen & harmonise your relationships & help you attract positive, worthy people into your life. It is particularly helpful for gently letting go of past conflicts or upsets that are impacting your social, mental & emotional health - rebalancing you into a state of serenity, peace & acceptance. Peridot helps you detach from any outside influences that bring negativity into your life. It can remind you of the power your thoughts & reactions have over your reality. Because of this, this gem encourages you to notice feelings of envy, self-doubt, bitterness, guilt, or disappointment & swap them for gratitude, love, wonder & understanding. This stone invites you to take responsibility for your own life & make changes for the betterment of yourself. Its playful & joyful energy can help you see life in a new light - inspiring happiness, self-love, positivity & optimism. 

How to use:

Since Peridot is an August birthstone, give to a loved one as a gift to show how much you care. Carry with you to inspire positive thought patterns & release past hurts. Place over your heart to bring serenity, balance & harmony to your relationships.

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