Peach Moonstone

transition - new beginnings - soothing - comforting - deep healing - feminine energy - sensitivity - expression - creativity - emotional balance - optimism - mystery

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History & Origin:

Peach Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone & a member of the feldspar family. The light peach or tan colour it displays is likely caused by a higher content of aluminium within the mineral’s chemical make-up. This variety of Moonstone is commonly found in Madagascar.

Metaphysical Properties:

Peach Moonstone is the perfect stone for soothing & healing emotional pain, sadness, helplessness & anger. Because of this crystal’s magical connection to the Moon, it is known to hold the power of harmony, divine feminine connection, fertility & motherly energy. It has a gentle, comforting vibe which aids in easing anxiety, stress & overwhelming emotions. This stone is also known to bring clarity, intuitive messages & an optimistic outlook when facing transitions or new beginnings. It can promote self-worth, love, joy, self-expression & the inner strength to move forward.

How to use:

Carry a Peach Moonstone in your pocket to support you during times of grief, healing or transition. Bring one with you to soothe anxiety or stress. Hold one to strengthen intuition & connect you to divine lunar energy.