Peace Jade

Also known as: Serpentine, Stichtite + White Quartz

relaxation - tranquillity - peace - divine guidance - encourages you to listen to your heart - comforting -  inspires intuition - serenity - harmony - invites gentle souls into your life

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History & Origin:

Peace Jade is not actually a variety of Jade, but instead a combination of White Quartz, Serpentine & Lavender Stichtite. Its name was given in reference to its soothing, peaceful colours & energy.

Metaphysical Properties:

Peace Jade can ease any stress, anxiety or anger. This stone carries a gentle, soft vibration that is perfect for sensitive individuals or young ones - especially for children who have difficulty settling down. In fact, this crystal encourages us to stay in touch with the child-like, intuitive gifts we all hold within & sometimes lose touch with as we grow older. Carrying a connection to both the Heart & Crown Chakras, Peace Jade helps you to tap into your heart & follow its wisdom & guidance. This crystal emits a relaxing & serene aura that inspires tranquillity to those who are nearby, filling your entire space with both peace & comfort. It encourages you, & others around you, to always act with gentleness, kindness & love. 

How to use:

Carry with you to bring relaxation, serenity & peace wherever you go. Keep within the home to inspire harmony & comfort. Place over your heart to receive guidance & intuition.

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