Palm Root

ancient wisdom - ancestral healing work - past life insight - transformation without resistance - activates Earth Star Chakra - connection to nature - earth magic - self-discovery

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History & Origin:

Starting its journey millions of years ago as the ancient & mystical Palm Tree, Palm Root transformed into the fossilised stone we know today. Found in Indonesia, this stone underwent the petrification process & was slowly replaced by stone (likely Agate.)

Metaphysical Properties:

This gem carries a grounding, stable & supportive energy that can bring steadiness, ease impatience & encourage focus in the present moment. For those who are always worried about the future & what lies ahead, this stone can remind you to experience & enjoy the current moment, leaving all fears & worries behind. Holding the knowledge of a life long ago, Palm Root carries wisdom & the healing powers of an ancient Earth. It can support you on your quest towards transformation, discovery & spiritual learning, as well as bring insight into past life lessons, karma & patterns. Furthermore, this stone can support anyone looking to resolve & repair the unhealed wounds carried down from ancestors through generations. Palm Root reveals the pathway for self-discovery & encourages openness & acceptance on your journey ahead. By easing hesitation & resistance, it can help you move forwards in areas of your life that feel stuck or stagnant. 

How to use:

Hold in your hand when you feel disconnected from nature & to invite harmonious living with the Earth. Carry with you to inspire self-discovery, ease resistance to change & unveil hidden wisdom. Use as a healing companion during past-life or ancestral healing work.

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