Also known as: Precious Opal

inspiration - psychic development - prophecy - imagination - shields negativity - hope - luck - elemental energy - illumination - purification - rebirth - emotional stability

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History & Origin:

Opal is a brilliant mineraloid composed of hydrated silica. Its magnificent streaks of iridescent colour have attracted the attention of individuals across the world for centuries. Precious Opal has an internal structure that consists of regularly packed spheres, which enables light to separate into its component colours. This is what causes the beautiful "play-of-colour" Opals are admired for. The Ancient Greeks believed Opals were Zeus’ joyful tears, the Hindu’s told legends of the Rainbow Goddess who was transformed into a colourful stone & the Arabian Nomads believed Opals were sent from the heavens on thunderclouds. Opals are the birthstone for the month of October as well as the gemstone gift for an 18th anniversary.

Whilst most Precious Opals are found within Australia, the Opal variety from Ethiopia known as Ethiopian Opal or Welo Opal, has gained significant popularity in recent times. Mexico also produces beautiful red or orange Opals known as Fire Opals. Australia has been the traditional source of around 90% of all precious Opals, mostly from the following mines: Coober Pedy, Mintabie, Andamooka, Lightning Ridge, Yowah & Koroit. There are a variety of names to describe Opal such as White or Black Opal, Boulder Opal (contains seams of Opal within host rock), Matrix Opal (mixed together with the host rock), Harlequin Opal (patches of colour in diamond or rectangle shapes), Contra-Luz Opal (displays play-of-colour when illuminated from behind) & Pinfire Opal (tiny dots of colour).

Metaphysical Properties:

Not only is Opal one of the most mystical & beautiful gems discovered, it also holds a vast array of metaphysical properties within. Connected to the fire, water & light elements, this Opal has the ability to cleanse, protect & purify the aura. A crystal of transformation & rebirth, Opal can inspire positive change, reflection & inner understanding. It can illuminate the unknown & help strengthen psychic abilities, as well as connect you to the cosmic consciousness, allowing you to receive prophecies & past or future life insights. It can help you understand karmic patterns & let go of spiritual or emotional blockages. Opals can bring emotional equilibrium, hope, fortune, inspiration & so much more into your life. 

How to use:

Carry with you to bring hope, protection & cleansing. Meditate or hold in your hand to open psychic vision & inspire imagination, transformation & illumination.

! Opals have a significant water content & some need to stay in their natural element. Australian & Jewellery Opals are fairly stable & will rarely craze or crack when dried out or left out of water. However, certain Volcanic Opals from Ethiopia (Mezezo deposit) can crack easily even as a result of slight temperature variations & should therefore be kept in water & away from sunlight to prevent dehydration. Check with your merchant on the best way to store your Opals.

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