Oco Geode

Also known as: Ocho Geode, Occo Geode

inner magic - energises chakras - inner self-work - enhances psychic abilities - amplifies divine energy - healing - promotes mental clarity - spiritual growth - balancing - strengthens intention - harmony

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History & Origin:

These Oco Agate Geodes may look just like regular rocks from the outside, but look inside to discover their true magic. Each one holds a unique beauty & power within, just like each of us! Hidden inside an outer shell of Chalcedony are tiny Quartz crystals, seashells or even fossils. These geodes are admired for their beautiful earthy colours of tans, greys, browns or blacks, often showcasing beautiful white wave or flame patterns within. Found mainly in the Tres Pinheiros region of Brazil, Oco Geodes were said to have formed 130 million years ago in basalt amygdules.

Metaphysical Properties:

Oco Geodes are known for their ability to heal the soul, open doors to the spirit realm, amplify intentions & bring you into a deep meditative state. These small gems can help you through the healing process & assist you in manifesting the life of your dreams. This all-powerful stone can inspire clarity as well as clear any mental confusion, difficulties with memory or lack of focus. Oco Geodes can assist with recalling dreams & support you during healing your inner self. It is excellent for amplifying the other stones & focusing, releasing, storing or transmuting the energy in your space. Its cleansing vibration can transform & remove negativity from your life & replace it with positivity, harmony & light.  

How to use:

Hold one in your hand & tell it your wishes to program it with intent & purpose. Gift to a friend or loved one to bring them balance & support. Hold a piece while meditating to bring spiritual messages & promote relaxation. Put in your home or workplace to bring harmony & cleanse the environment of any negative energy. 

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