Ocean Jasper

Also known as: Orbicular Jasper, Sea Jasper

brings a positive outlook - patience - appreciation - boosts mood & lifts spirit - confidence - protection against negativity - inspires illumination, action & peace

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History & Origin:

Ocean Jasper is the trademarked name for a variety of spherulitic chalcedony from Madagascar. This name has caught on & is now used to describe Chalcedony or Agate-based minerals that display a range of beautiful colours & orbicular patterns. These orbs often resemble bull’s eyes, starbursts, or dots when polished, sometimes even containing sparkly quartz crystals. This mineral was first observed (or some believe simply rediscovered) by Paul Obenich in the late 1990's on the shores of Madagascar. Eight different veins of Ocean Jasper were discovered in this area, with the first being the largest & each subsequent one producing slightly different patterns & hues. Since its first discovery, the original Kabamby & Maravato Madagascar mines have been almost completely exhausted as of 2006.

Metaphysical Properties:

Ocean Jasper is an uplifting stone, known for its beautiful orb like patterns. This stone holds a soft, nurturing energy, helping you to live in the moment & recognise the good in all situations. It brings optimism & happiness, & invites positive energy & growth into your life. Ocean Jasper enhances inner power, loving communication & elevates your spirits. It is incredibly supportive during difficult times & helps you push through challenges or changes with patience, acceptance & love. Harnessing the energy of the ocean, this crystal vibrates gentleness & stillness, allowing you to release any resentful, impatient, angry or anxious behaviour. 

How to use:

Keep near to inspire happiness, joy & help you see the positive side of life. Hold in your hand when needing to find stillness, calmness & patience. Place in your home to bring loving, optimistic & accepting energy into your space.