Nephrite Jade

emotional healing - prosperity - brings luck - serenity - purity - peace - good health - banishes negativity - inspires harmony - friendship - wealth - happiness - devotion

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History & Origin:

Nephrite Jade belongs to the tremolite-actinolite mineral series, often displaying a light yellow-green (mutton fat jade), grey-white (chicken bone jade) or moody, dark green colour. It is one of two types of Jade, alongside Jadeite (Imperial Jade), & has been used as a good luck talisman for centuries. It can be found in a variety of locations, with the most important ones being China, British Columbia (Canada,) & Siberia. Sacred to many different civilisations, such as the Maori, Balkan, Egyptian & Mesoamerican cultures, Nephrite Jade has held especially great importance to Asian life & philosophy, being cherished as a symbol of purity, wealth & serenity since ancient times. Interestingly, this stone was once even believed to be a cure for kidney stones!

Metaphysical Properties:

This stunning green crystal is a stone of health & abundance. It invites prosperity, success & good fortune into your life, as well as love, harmony, longevity, friendship & peace. It banishes negative energy & acts as a guardian against misfortune. This stone holds a healing & revitalizing energy, assisting in opening & renewing the Heart Chakra. It inspires growth, wellbeing & helps you see the joy & wonder in life. Nephrite Jade brings gentleness, gratefulness & can strengthen & mend relationships. 

How to use:

Place in your workspace, the southeast corner of your home or at your front door to bring good fortune, health, wealth & prosperity. Hold in your left hand or place over the Heart Chakra for protection, peace & healing. Gift to a friend or lover to invite harmony, love & gratitude into your relationship.

! This stone should avoid direct sunlight