Moss Agate

Also Known As: Mocha Stone

abundance - growth - wealth - encourages a fresh start - peaceful - connects you to nature - balancing - enhances confidence - success 

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History & Origin:

Moss Agate is a variety of Chalcedony that is characterised by its translucent to opaque appearance & moss-like inclusions. These floating dendritic inclusions can be found in a variety of colours - from deep greens & blacks, to creamy whites & even rusty browns. The growth patterns are the result of Manganese, Chrome or Iron within the stone. Formed from weathered volcanic rocks, Moss Agate is most commonly found in India, as well as locations across Brazil, Uruguay & the US. It is sometimes called 'Mocha Stone' which comes from the Arabian city of Mocha in Yemen, where it was once sourced from. This stone was cherished in the 18th century by gardeners & farmers in Europe as a stone of agriculture & luck.

Metaphysical Properties:

Moss Agate is a calming & grounding stone that carries a strong connection to nature. Its energy encourages you to get in touch with the Earth & enjoy the small things in life. The Native Americans believed that tiny spirits live inside this stone, protecting you & connecting you to every plant, tree & animal. Moss Agate’s peaceful & balancing energy helps to unblock fears & build self-confidence. This stone is known to promote growth, which makes it a great companion for those who need to move on or are trying to start a new business, a new family or even a new garden. Gardeners often place Moss Agate around their plants to encourage them to flourish & grow healthily. This stone is also helpful for pregnant women & midwives. 

How to use:

Place one in your purse or wallet to attract wealth, prosperity & abundance. Keep one near you to encourage growth, fertility & success. Place one in your garden to help your plants grow. Carry one with you to stay balanced, grounded & connected to nature throughout the day. 

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