Also known as: Pink Beryl

divine love - compassion - angelic connection - heals heartache - eases grief - emotionally supportive - self-acceptance - opens heart chakra - releases burdens 

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History & Origin:

Morganite is a part of the Beryl family, which also includes Aquamarine, Emerald, Heliodor & Bixbite. It carries a soft pink to peachy hue that is caused by traces of Manganese. Morganite continues to grow in popularity as gemstone. Following Sapphire, this stone is the second-most-popular coloured gem used as in engagement rings today. Gem-quality Morganite was first discovered in Madagascar, & later found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Mozambique, Namibia, & the USA.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stunning soft pink crystal is a stone for self-love, self-respect, & self-care. It holds an incredibly healing energy & is known for its ability to open the heart. It can inspire compassion, peace & balance in even the most challenging situations. Morganite is especially helpful for bringing unconditional love, patience & empathy into your relationships, often being used as a symbol of promise from one individual to another. If you have experienced a recent loss or heart break, Morganite can help let go of anger, denial, betrayal & resentment. By encouraging forgiveness & healing, this crystal can help you transform your pain into wisdom. It reminds us of the Universal love we are all connected to, including the nurturing support we receive from our loved ones, angels & spirit guides.

How to use:

Place over your heart to bring healing & release old wounds. Keep nearby to attract love or deepen loving connection with oneself or others. Hold in your hand to feel comforted & supported by the Universe.

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