Also known as: The Rainmaker Stone

grounding - promotes adventure & safe travels - will power - connects you to the earth - courage - optimism - youthful - patience

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History & Origin:

Mookaite is best described as a fossiliferous sedimentary rock (Windalia Radiolarite) found only near the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia. With its vibrant reds & yellows, this mineral was formed from deep-ocean mud made of opaline silica skeletons of microorganisms known as Radiolaria. Over time, these sediments turned into land, & cemented into rock by silica precipitated from warm groundwater. Mookaite gets its name from the Aboriginal word mooka meaning 'running waters', likely in reference to the fresh water springs that feed Mooka Creek, where it is mined.

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone encourages adventure, excitement & fearlessness. Its strong energy will remind you of your inner power & allow you to face any challenges. Its grounding properties help you to stay focused on the present & therefore lessen fears about the future as well as feelings of regret from the past. Mookaite acts like a nurturing maternal figure, comforting & supporting you through difficult changes. It connects you to nature, especially with the land & animals, allowing you to understand & communicate with them easier. Mookaite is also known to slow down the ageing process & will leave you feeling energetic & youthful both physically & mentally.

How to use:

Bring one with you when travelling to keep you safe & reduce feelings of homesickness. Carry one with you to keep you optimistic, motivated, confident, grounded & free of fear. Bring one with you if you are moving house, job, school or carry one with you to keep you calm & supported during a difficult time.

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