Also known as: Vltavin, The Catalyst Stone

major transformation - awakening - spiritual evolution - destiny - synchronicity - Universal power - cosmic alignment - transcends time - guidance through planetary retrogrades or Saturn Returns

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History & Origin:

Moldavite is a high-vibrational Tektite (impact glass), believed to have formed from a meteorite impact 14.8 million years ago in southern Germany. Its name is derived from the Moldau (Vltava) river in Bohemia (Czech Republic), from where the first described pieces came from. This extra-terrestrial, green gem can be found scattered across the Czech Republic, Austria & Germany. Now only found in limited supply, once these unique Tektites are gone there is no chance of them showing up again. 

Metaphysical Properties:

Moldavite is believed by many to have come to Earth to help the planet transcend, & therefore can inspire spiritual awakening, invite synchronicity, connect you to the cosmos & encourage learning, growth & purpose. Despite what some may believe, Moldavite can inspire wonderful & positive change by encouraging you to deal with areas of your life you have been ignoring or felt too afraid to face. Whatever challenges arise, this stone will be there to support & protect you, reminding you that growth is necessary & that the Universe has your back. This cosmic stone can bring future & past insight, as well as guide you through times of planetary upheaval like Mercury Retrogrades or your Saturn Return. This tektite removes blockages & obstacles on your path towards becoming your highest self. If you are ready to meet your destiny, hold on to your Moldavite & watch the changes unfold.

How to use:

Carry with you to inspire transformation & major change. Gaze into the gem whist meditating to enhance inner vision & unveil your spiritual purpose. Check your natal chart to discover your Saturn house & sign - Moldavite can support this area of your life as well as bring support through your Saturn Return. (Note: Saturn Return takes place around the ages of 27-29 & 54-58.)

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