Maligano Jasper

nurturing - guidance on a new path - rebuilding - acknowledge the good in all things - accepting change - releases dependency - removes creative blockages - letting go of anything holding you back

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History & Origin:

Maligano Jasper is a variety of warm-coloured brecciated Jasper found in a small village in the Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. It was discovered only recently in 2011.

Metaphysical Properties:

This crystal is known for its ability to direct, guide & support you through transformation & change. Just as this brecciated stone was broken into fragments & reformed into something beautiful, Maligano Jasper can encourage you to recognise the good that past challenges & hurts have revealed to you. Instead of dwelling on this pain, this gem can change your perspective & help you see life in a whole new light. This crystal can bring growth & positive change, as well as invite you to be more open & accepting to new possibilities, opportunities & ideas. Maligano Jasper can assist you in recognising the patterns, behaviours or people holding you back from moving forwards in life, & help discover ways in which you can break free from these chains. It releases dependency, eases over reliance or obsessive thoughts, & transforms the spirit. This stone can remove blockages, especially artist’s or writer’s block, making it a wonderful companion for creatives. 

How to use:

Hold in your hand when needing a moment to step back, re-evaluate & get in touch with your inner spirit. Carry with you to encourage positive change, discover the good during times of hardship & release anything that no longer serves you.