Also known as: Garden Quartz, Scenic Quartz

enlightening - visions - past life & karmic healing - spiritual growth - connection to Earth - strengthens visualisation & creative abilities - energetic shift - travel between worlds

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History & Origin:

Lodolite, Garden Quartz or Scenic Quartz, is a type of included Quartz, which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite or a variety of other minerals. Known as ‘The Garden Stone,’ Lodolite displays a magical colourful world within, reminiscent of a garden or underwater landscape. These gems are highly-sought after & found mainly in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

Metaphysical Properties:

This enchanting combination of minerals has been used by Shamans as Dreamstones, to enable them to journey into the other worlds, enhance visions & bring guidance through dreams. Lodolite’s mesmerising beauty can be helpful to use alongside hypnosis, past-life recall & divination, especially as it can connect you to both past & future worlds. It can help heal long-held emotional wounds & strengthen your connection to nature, plants & animals. It can encourage you to shift your perspective when viewing the world around you, helping you to discover more beauty & wonder in your environment. Because of this, Lodolite can bring creative inspiration & encourage visualisation, especially for artists. This is the perfect meditation stone as it can help shift energy to higher planes, bring relaxation & connect you with your Spirit Guides & Soul.

How to use:

Place in plants to encourage growth. Use during meditation or past-life regression to receive insight, healing & guidance. Place under pillow to bring divine messages & visions as you sleep.

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