Libyan Desert Glass

Also known as: Libyan Gold Tektite, Great Sand Sea Glass

manifestation - achievement - willpower - attunement with higher realms & beings - rebirth - cosmic energy - joy - past life exploration - talents & potential - interstellar power

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History & Origin:

Libyan Desert Glass is a rare & unique impactite, likely born from a cosmic impact 29 million years ago. Found solely in the Sahara Desert (in Eastern Libya & Western Egypt) it is mostly comprised of the mineral Lechatelierite. While it was officially discovered in 1932, Libyan Desert Glass holds a long history which is evident from the remnants found amongst the ruins of Ancient Egypt. It was used as tools & weapons, as well as in jewellery (with King Tutankhamun's pendant being the most famous!)

Metaphysical Properties:

Libyan Desert Glass is a high-vibrational companion that serves as a powerful access key to the cosmos & beyond. Its magical energy can open doors to higher realms, bring insight into past life experiences & allow you to access the wisdom of the Akashic Records. With its strong ties to Egyptian civilizations, it carries a connection to the Goddess of Fertility & Healing, Isis, & God of the Underworld, Osiris. Just as these Ancient Deities ruled over the realms of life & death, Libyan Desert Glass can encourage rebirth, endings & major transformation. It can also assist in the resurrection of old ideas, hobbies or creative passions, giving you the inspiration to share your talents & gifts to the world. Libyan Desert Glass allows you realise your true potential & works alongside you to help achieve & manifest the life of your dreams. With this tool by your side, expect to find support from the Universe wherever you go. Know that you will be surrounded with a blanket of golden energy, & constantly encouraged to embrace the joy, playfulness & power you hold within. 

How to use:

Use in combination with Moldavite to inspire major transformation & enhance manifestation. Hold during meditation to connect with higher beings & inspire infinite joy. Carry with you to open the gates to endless knowledge & spiritual wisdom.