Lemurian Quartz

Also known as: Lemurian Seed Crystal

soul journeying - divine feminine - ancient wisdom - amplifies intention - inner healing - spiritual growth - Soul Star connection

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History & Origin:

Lemurian Seed crystals are a special variety of Quartz, mainly found in locations across Brazil (specifically Sierra Do Cabral), as well as in other parts of South America. While commonly noted as clear or colourless, they can also be found tinted or coated by Iron, giving them a soft pink, golden or peachy hue. These crystals can be recognised by their horizontal striations across one or more facets & distinctive, often slender, shape. Striated Quartz crystals can now be found in additional places such as Australia & Madagascar, however there is much debate over whether these crystals should be referred to as Lemurians or not.

Metaphysical Properties:

Lemurian Quartz gets its name from the ancient mythological city of Lemuria. It is believed these rare crystals were planted by this lost civilisation, carrying within them the enlightenment, unconditional love, knowledge & cosmic wisdom of divine beings from long ago. Because of this, this rare crystal can assist you in uncovering hidden knowledge & wisdom, as well as unlock the path to reaching your highest level of consciousness. A stone of the soul, it can help you get in touch with your inner desires & true purpose here on Earth. The ladder-like striations along its surface represent the stairway towards the heavens where its divine power reaches. By connecting you to the skies above, Lemurian Quartz can bring you the heavenly guidance, answers & messages you have been seeking. Lemurian Quartz activates both the Crown & Soul Star Chakras, invoking spiritual powers & heightening intuition.

How to use:

Lemurian Crystals need to be activated. You can achieve this by simply running your fingers across the grooves of the stone & asking for sacred messages to be revealed. Keep in your home to bring healing, amplify intentions & enhance the spiritual power within your environment.