grounding - deflects negativity - helps with concentration - enhances intuition - protective - promotes psychic abilities - clears the mind

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History & Origin:

Larvikite is a shiny igneous rock (Monzonite) that contains a variety of minerals such as Nepheline, Quartz, Anorthoclase, Syenite, Plagioclase, Perthite, Anorthite, Ortholclase, & Albite. It is sometimes sold under a variety of names including Black Labradorite, Blue Pearl Granite or Norwegian Black Moonstone. This stone is found in Larvik, Norway & Ontario, Canada, & finds many uses in architecture as a decorative stone. Larvikite is estimated to be over 300 million years old, forming around the Precambrian period.

Metaphysical Properties:

Larvikite is a protective & grounding stone with a strong connection to the Earth & nature. This stone is highly beneficial for students or people struggling to learn new information as it enhances mental power. It brings the individual a clear & open mind, & helps with concentration, commitment & motivation. Larvikite is believed to purify the soul & release any internal feelings of negativity & pessimism. It brings wisdom, strength & persistence, & also improves psychic abilities. Moreover, this stone gives clarity to past actions, dreams, visions, & has the ability to strengthen both intuition & the connection between the spirit realm. It acts as a shield for the wearer, bringing protection from all negativity.

How to use:

Place at the Root Chakra to strengthen your connection with the Earth & help you feel more grounded & centred. Hold one after mediating to lessen the feelings of light headedness & tiredness. Carry a Larvikite with you to repel any negative or harmful energies. Place one in your study or work space to strengthen the mind, enhance memory capacity & bring persistence & patience. 

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