Also known as: The Dolphin Stone, The Atlantis Stone

inner peace - angelic communication - peace - quiet confidence - healing - trust - tranquillity - releases stress - irritation & anxiety - divine connection - emotional honesty - soulmate discovery

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History & Origin:

Larimar is a rare variety of Blue Pectolite, solely found in a small region in the Dominican Republic. Upon seeing its stunning soft blue hue washing ashore the beach, the locals believed this stone emerged from the sea. It was first noted in 1916 by Father Domingo Fuertes of Loren, & later on by Miguel Mendez, almost 60 years later, who named the stone Larimar by combining his daughter’s name Larissa & the word Mar (sea in Spanish.) Larimar mining is considered “artisan mining”, meaning that it is small scale & often carried out by the local villagers.

Metaphysical Properties:

Larimar is connected to the calm ocean waters, promoting relaxation, tranquillity & stillness. It is perfect for reducing the stress, anger, anxiety & the overwhelming emotions of everyday life. It transports you to a happy place, a place where you can be still & quiet. This stone aids in overcoming fears & encourages clear & honest communication. It allows you to speak openly from the heart & soul.
Larimar also heals emotional wounds & opens the soul to finding its soulmate. This beautiful stone contains Divine Goddess energies, bringing you a quiet confidence & inner strength. It connects you to the spiritual realm, allowing clear communication between spirit guides, angels & loved ones.

How to use:

Hold in your hand to ease anxiety & stress, as well as calm hot tempers. Keep near whilst meditating to soothe the soul & encourage angelic communication. Place in your room to bring relaxation & peace.

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