Also known as: Pink/Purple Spodumene

divine love - opens the heart - kindness - self-healing - calms moodiness - heals relationships - brings guidance to parents or new mothers - eases anxiety - enlightening

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History & Origin:

Kunzite is a soft pink or violet variety of the pyroxene mineral spodumene - a lithium aluminium silicate. It was named after the famous Tiffany & Co. gemologist & jeweller George F. Kunz, who was the first to identify it in 1902. Coloured by manganese, this beautiful lilac mineral can be found in places such as Brazil, the United States, Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Sweden, Western Australia, Afghanistan & Pakistan. It displays an unusual phenomenon called pleochroism - shifting from one colour to another when viewed from different directions. Unfortunately, Kunzite will become unstable & lose its colour drastically if left exposed to sunlight. It is common for this mineral to be heated or irradiated in order to alter, brighten or enhance its colour. Interestingly, Kunzite, as well as the entire spodumene group, once served as important source of lithium metal & is commonly used today for producing rechargeable batteries, cell phones, cameras, & other portable electronic devices

Metaphysical Properties:

Kunzite is deeply connected to the heart, inspiring unconditional love, devotion, connection & affection. It is known to soothe heartache, moodiness & anxiety, as well ease tension or discord within relationships. Its gentle & whimsical colour can inspire inner peace, compassion & healing. Kunzite has a strong association with femininity & can be especially supportive to new mothers who are struggling to adjust to motherhood. It can help soothe the overwhelming emotions, worry & pressure felt as a parent, no matter how young or old your children may be. This stone can also strengthen deep connections between you & your partner, family or friends. It holds a nurturing energy that can support you through breaking down walls & barriers built around your heart. With Kunzite by your side, you will be reminded of the incredible divine love & light that surrounds & lives within us all.

How to use:

Place within the home to bring loving, gentle & relaxing energy into your space. Carry with you to inspire love, openness, healing & compassion. Gift to your child, friend, family member or partner to show them your care & affection.

! This stone will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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