Also known as: Cordierite, The Viking Stone, Water Sapphire

eliminates fear of the unknown - brings direction - spiritual insight - vision - exploration - dreams - intuition - hope - inner guidance - navigation - safe travels - peace

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History & Origin:

Iolite, sometimes called Water Sapphire, is the gem variety of Cordierite, a magnesium aluminium silicate that comes in a variety of cool-toned shades, such as grey, blue, violet & colourless. Known as ‘the Viking Compass,’ this twilight-coloured stone was once used by ancient Viking explorers on their ocean travels to guide them safely home. 

Metaphysical Properties:

This stone can bring direction to those who are lacking perspective, hope or the motivation to move forward. If you feel lost or not sure of where to go next, Iolite can clear the fog & show you the bright path ahead. It encourages exploration & removes any fears holding you back, especially fears about the unknown. This stone is perfect for anyone who is travelling or moving away, as it can guide them safely back home. Connected strongly to the Third Eye Chakra, this crystal can bring insightful dreams, psychic awareness & spiritual connection. It can unleash intuitive & creative abilities, encouraging you to express your talents in an authentic & instinctive manner. 

How to use:

Keep near whilst meditating or sleeping to unlock visions, spiritual messages & inner guidance. Hold when feeling directionless or lost to inspire hope & clarity. Carry with you on adventures to bring protection & inspire exploration.

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