independence -  soothes an overactive mind - self-reflection - brings answers - quietness - focus - protection - psychic visions - deep sleep - recovery

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History & Origin:

Belonging to the pyroxene family of crystals, Hypersthene is a deep-coloured stone, admired for its shimmery, velvet hue. This stone can be found in igneous & metamorphic rocks, as well as in some meteorites. It is an intermediary mineral between Enstatite & Ferrosilite. Hypersthene gets its name from the Greek word meaning "over strength", referring to its hardness in comparison to another mineral called Hornblende, of which it was often confused with.

Metaphysical Properties:

This is a crystal of inner-awareness, personal growth & self-reflection. Hypersthene illuminates deep-rooted areas & parts of yourself you may have never discovered. It encourages you to take a break, rest, relax & become better acquainted with your inner self. Furthermore, Hypersthene is particularly helpful for those who are recovering from illness or who need to recharge after a period of major stress. It is a powerful stone that has the ability to quiet the mind, inspire peace, strengthen concentration, & release the need for distractions. An incredible meditation aid, Hypersthene also works with the Third Eye Chakra to stimulate psychic gifts. It is especially supportive for bringing what is hidden to light. Like a magic 8-ball, Hypersthene can uncover solutions & answers to the questions you seek. It provides you with clarity on situations or choices, as well as bring insightful messages through dreams & visions.

How to use:

Use as a meditation aid to improve focus, strengthen concentration & ease overthinking. Bring on a solo adventure to encourage self-reflection & stillness. Place by a bedside table to ease restlessness & promote a deep sleep.